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August 13 2017

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I did a drawing of some random, totally normal high school girls.;)

August 10 2017

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I’m so bored

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August 07 2017

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Witches keep climbing up the mountain! Please enjoy~ :)

August 05 2017

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Town of Salem is fun 💜

August 04 2017

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Eli Bosnick had the best response to this ridiculousness.

“If I gave you a bowl of skittles and three of them were poison would you still eat them?”

“Are the other skittles human lives?”


“Like. Is there a good chance. A really good chance. I would be saving someone from a war zone and probably their life if I ate a skittle?”

“Well sure. But the point-”

“I would eat the skittles.”

“Ok-well the point is-”

“I would GORGE myself on skittles. I would eat every single fucking skittle I could find. I would STUFF myself with skittles. And when I found the poison skittle and died I would make sure to leave behind a legacy of children and of friends who also ate skittle after skittle until there were no skittles to be eaten. And each person who found the poison skittle we would weep for. We would weep for their loss, for their sacrifice, and for the fact that they did not let themselves succumb to fear but made the world a better place by eating skittles.

Because your REAL question…the one you hid behind a shitty little inaccurate, insensitive, dehumanizing racist little candy metaphor is, IS MY LIFE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF MEN, WOMEN, AND TERRIFIED CHILDREN…

… and what kind of monster would think the answer to that question… is yes?”

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when your gf is feisty as fuck and you gotta rescue her ass before she gets devoured








heey im a lil sad would anyone distract me with whatever

here is a hamster dancing for ya, thought he haven’t started dancing yet

no move is needed to feel his passion

his moves and passion has exceeded my expectations

 nd now is tired and needs to lay down

be flat, he hoped you enjoyed the show

thank u lil guy

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Illustrations for a project!


i can be your angle 


or yuor devil 

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yall mind if i scream over these cuties real quick

August 02 2017

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July 31 2017




I WILL get the mini golf achievement………..I WILL


Pro tip to anyone who thinks they can save the game after 9 holes, close the game, and come back when they’re ready to do the last 9:

You can’t. The achievement window will pop up and instead of saying 16/18 or something, it’ll say 7/18. It won’t count your first nine holes.

Anyway I’m really fucking frustrated right now so



man you know what I want? a superhero series where they have powers that 100% contradict their personalities. a fishermans daughter who lives by the sea, swims every day, learns that she can control fire. a boy who’s mortified of heights but realizes he can use antigravity and hates it. someone who was bitten by a dog as a child, suffers extreme fear around animals, can now communicate with them. they’re all disgusted by their powers.

yes good but what about the ~character development~ as they learn to cope with their powers and overcome their fears

the pyrokinetic swimmer wading out into the ocean armed with waterproof matches to practice so nothing goes wrong, building her confidence with the sea as her safety net, being so proud when she figures out how to heat the air just enough that she dries off instantly after swimming

the boy slowly overcoming his fear of heights, realizing that he can catch himself if he ever falls, standing swaying on top of playground sets and closing his eyes as he tries to safely hover down (and not fall on his face again)

the girl’s terror lessening as the previously terrifying cacophony of the dogs at the park turns into a chorus of “ball! ball! throw me the ball!” “it’s me! I’m the good boy!” and “squirrel!!!” and learning to communicate back, have them listen to her, learning how to calm down a dog who’s overexcited to the point of biting, discovering that the scary dog down the street is just home alone a lot and lonely, staring her fear in the face and learning its secrets

because being disgusted with their powers is interesting, but I want to see people learning to love even the scary and contradictory parts of themselves

July 30 2017

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i cannot fucking believe i never realized this 

So as a division officer to nearly 60 sailors over 3 years. I asked every single one. “What made you join the Navy?” Here is the breakdown.
80% - To pay for college
10% - To get out of a bad family situation
5% - Family Tradition
5% - Because of 9/11.

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So cool! Love both WITCH and Miraculous Ladybug so that’s just SO COOL!!!!! *__*

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And that’s about all I have to say on the matter.

July 12 2017

Commander Nitmyr, reporting for duty
SHE HAS A NAME NOW!!!! And I die because I've been drawing this for goddamn nearly 8 hours
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