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October 20 2017



okay is there any photograph in history that deserves to be painstakingly rendered in oils and hung in a gilt frame in the Louvre more than the threesome photoshoot from that production of Twelfth Night with Anne Hathaway tho

like…dude…Caravaggio doesn’t hold a single candle to this shit………

I have nothing to add and this doesn’t directly relate to most of what I talk about but damn there’s just so much nuance and emotion going on here, it’s a stunning image and I’m staring at it

October 19 2017

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today on ‘reasons i love john boyega’

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““Die mad about it” is my favorite shade ever. Now stop making women justify wanting birth control coverage because of all the other health care benefits the Pill has.”

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Men who value virginity in women over who they are as a person and obsess over their “purity” are seriously the creepiest people alive. Like if you want to be the “first” and mark your territory so bad go pee on a fire hydrant with the rest of the dogs. 

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(griffin mcelroy voice) sweet baby brother

October 18 2017



There’s a kind of beauty in tacky lesbian fashion because yeah some of it may be ugly but? The confidence behind it. Infuriates straight men. Like you’re not sexually available to me AND you look weird in an off-putting way that doesn’t appeal to me? They can’t stand it and I find that hilarious and support my tacky lesbians

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Bravo. (via imgur)

Ha, I get the joke!

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I’m hiding shhhhh (at Amazon Sort Center OAK5)

October 17 2017

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I’d tip that last guy all the quarters I got,

He needs to be made into a game NPC, the amount of effort put into this kinda whimzy is remarkable!

Fun Bard Idea: A male stripper who was mistaken for a professional adventurer while wearing his "hot knight" costume. His magic striptease captivates all who gaze upon it, stupefying them with hypnotic undulations.




Fun Character Ideas

This could be a great setup for a silly game:  A stripper, hired to work a bachelor(/ette) party in their tear-away Sexy Adventurer costume runs in to a group of actual adventurers.  

“Oh you must be the bard we hired” they say.  

“Uh..sure.  So this is the party then?” the stripper asks skeptically. 

“You bet we are! Let’s go!”

The stripper character spends the whole first session thinking these people are taking the adventurer roleplay way too seriously and wondering when they’re supposed to start taking their clothes off.

Meanwhile, back in town, a grizzled rapier-wielding bard runs into this drunk bachelor(ette) party who insist “we’re the party!” and “dance for us!” and just decides to go with it.

I’d play this character



Spirit Week: Pack Day

Day one: character/pack day

My friends and I went as the sander sides!

I was Anxiety/Virgil, while my friends @communistchexmix was Creativiy/Roman/Princey and @ashburrytaylor was Logic/Logan


Thomas: We all love you and wish you the best! Please keep making videos that inspire things like this! You’re amazing and good luck with everything!!

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Love you all so much!!!! Thank you for this!!

October 04 2017

best things about jack pattillo


  • when he laughs so hard he cries
  • the Tum
  • when he laughs and puts the back of his hand over his mouth
  • him with a beard
  • him without a beard
  • the fact that his goal in every lets play is to get geoff to laugh
  • that picture of him and the chicken nuggets
  • when he laughs so hard he wheezes
  • literally sunshine personified
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